Children Worship at Home

August 2022-August 2023

We are very excited to bring our Children Worship to your home!

1.AT HOME section from Lifeway curriculum.

We are using a curriculum called The Gospel Project provided by Lifeway. This curriculum provides an AT HOME section. To read/watch the lesson, go to

All you have to do is register (for free) and you will have access to the lessons. Use this opportunity to engage with your kids and have family worship.

Here is where we are at:

-Volume 5 (Fall) – Unit 13 (September) – Unit 14 (October) – Unit 15 (November).

-Volume 6 (Winter) – Unit 16 (December) – Unit 17 (January) – Unit 18 (February).

For more information about the curriculum, click

2.Teaching videos created for Sunday: Every week, we create a video for teachers. Teachers have the choice to use these videos to teach. Feel free to use these videos to have Family Worship at home. To watch these videos, go to

Please e-mail us at for any comments and questions.