Children Ministry Teachers’ Retreat: Rest and Fellowship

All teachers and their families are invited to join us for a day of rest and fellowship.

We are very thankful to have Evelyn Lau guide us through this day.

劉張蕙霞 Evelyn Lau



自己沒有走過的路,就不能陪伴導引他人前行。在主的恩典下,主與我一起開展了的屬靈旅程。多年前認識屬靈塑造並開展了學習跟隨主、與主同行的旅程。不單認識主,同時又認識自己,並且學習察覺及辨識主的心意,活出內心深處真摯的渴望,活現主創造獨特的真我,在生命中學習順服主的帶領, 呈現主在我生命的改造。


My starting career in nursing changed when God guided me to pursue a Masters in Theological Studies with a focus in spiritual formation, after which I became a spiritual director. I am currently continuing my studies in spiritual formation through the Doctor of Ministry program at Tyndale University and Seminary.

I have been serving in Bible classes for many years, providing individual and group spiritual direction, teaching Sunday school, and leading retreats. It is a joy to partner with the Holy Spirit, journey with others in a deeper relationship with God and man through spiritual disciplines, and witness the transformation of life.


When? April 1, 2023. 10:00am to 3:00pm.

Where? Tyndale Seminary (3377 Bayview Ave. Toronto, ON M2M3S4).

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Summer Camp – Koinonia Camp 2023: July 10-August 11, 2023

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